Frequently Asked Questions


Do you deliver?
Yes we can arrange for delivery worldwide.

Can you teach me how to operate my boat?
We will spend the time it takes to make sure that you are comfortable operating your boat.

How long will it take to build your boat?
Depending on size it can take from two months to over a year to build your boat.



Can I visit the workshop?
You are welcome to visit the workshop before, during and after your boat is built. In fact we encourage clients to visit the workshop as often as you can. Of course we have worked with many clients who can only visit the workshop once or not at all.

How do you communicate with clients?
Here at Roeboats we pride ourselves in our dedication to keeping you informed at all stages of your boat build. You will receive, at least, weekly updates, more often when neccessary usually by email or other method that suits you.  You will be informed of decisions that require your input in a timely manner. So that you have as much time as possible to decide. As the project progresses you can participate as much or as little as you can or would like.

Can you look after my boat?
Roeboats can provide yearly mainitenance and stroage for you boat. Either at your own property, an offsite storage facility suitable for your boat. either here in West Cork or through our network of fellow wooden boatbuilders further afield.

What is Roeboats Warranty?
You can see Roeboats simple no quibbles warranty here

What will my boat cost?
You will be provided with fixed price for your boat before construction begins. Payment is in stages usually but not exclusively as follows. 10% booking deposit, 30% at the start of building, 30% on the completion of the hull shell/planking, 20% on completion and 10% on delivery. Each boat is custom built and prices vary for each one. Please contact Tiernan for a quote on building your dream boat.



Why Wood?
Wood is stronger than than steel, most fiberglass and aluminium pound for pound.
Wood is stiffer than all fiberglass, kevlar and steel.
Wood does not fatigue with repeated loading, metal and fiberglass do.
Wood allows economical, in both materials and cost, custom production of boats.

How Large a boat can you build?
We can currently build up to 25ft in the current workshop configuration. If you want something bigger we can easily adapt to accommodate larger boats.