More progress on 7′ punt

Dear oh dear I’ve been neglecting my blog something rotten. Well it is for a very good reason, as I’ve been busy building this boat and doing a few other things that I’ll be covering in subsequent posts. Of course upcycling my 8 year old Mac mini to run on Linux has helped a lot as I wasn’t able to access the web reliably using the old system.  So it was frustrating to say the least.

7' tender, dink, rowboat for 16' sharpie dayboat

Above you can see that I’ve wired and cable tied the boat bottom onto the sides. I used wire at the ends as the cable ties I had weren’t strong enough. At this stage the inside filleting and glassing of the joints is complete.

I’ve removed the cable ties and wires and sanded a radius on all of the corners for final filing and the application of the tape on the outside.

On go the two layers of fibreglass tape and epoxy the only tricky parts being the corners where three strips of tape meet.

Then three coats of epoxy resin were applied. I was lucky with the weather that day as it was warmer than usual and I was able to get the three coats on in one day. Ensuring that the coats were well bonded together and saving on a lot of sanding between coats.

If you would like your own custom boat built why not give me a call +353 28 38973 as you can see I can build you your dream boat and to suit your budget.

Roeboats, Ballydehob, Co. Cork, t:+353 (0)28 38973 m: +353 (0)86 158 69 37

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