New Custom wooden boat build started.

Here are the first stages in the building of another 16 foot sharpie for a repeat client. This one is going to be a minimalist pocket cruiser for exploring the west coast of Ireland and perhaps trailering to further afield.IMG_17361It may not be completely clear from the photo but the cabin will 8′ long with just under 4′ of headroom. It will contain a single bunk, galley shelf with a bucket sink and a porta potti. All you would need for an adventurous jaunt along the Atlantic coast. The shallow draft and offset centre board will allow you spend some very relaxing time tucked up in many of the sheltered coves spotted along the coast line.IMG_17371You can see here the limber holes are cut and the hog is fitted, I’m just about to start fitting the chine and inwales. I was going to add a pair of longtitudinal stringers each side to stiffen the bottom and provide a foundation for the cabin joinery. I decided against it in the end as it would increase the number of limber holes on the frames and require limber holes in the stringers. The cabin joinery will be well bonded to the bottom in any case and will provide ample additional stiffening for the bottom. By leaving the stringers out I have also ensured that the cabin layout can be tweaked once we have the hull upright and the proposed interior mocked up. In such a small boat every millimetre of additional cabin space counts.

If you like to discuss having your own custom boat built why not give me a call at +353 28 38973 or +353 86 1586937.




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