16′ Sharpie pocket cruiser hull nearing completion.

16' Sharpie sheathed in fiberglass and epoxyAt this stage I have the sheathing of fibreglass on the hull. I’ve applied a thin layer of fairing compound to fill any imperfections and to stop me sanding into the fibreglass when I’m fairing the hull with a longboard.

Second coats of epoxy.Here’s the hull with the waterline established and demarcated with two different colours. Te final topsides colour is going to be black, so I got started with the undercoats with the epoxy. The client wanted to have the hull Coppercoated and now was the best time to do it. As you can see below the copper and black looks pretty good.

CoppercoatNext up is turning the hull which I’ll have to do on my own. Anyway I’m flat out getting the boat finished at the moment so some of my subsequent posts will be pretty concise.

Of course if you’d like to have your own custom boat built don’t hesitate to contact me (Tiernan) on +353 86 1586937 and I can fit your project in.

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