Bottom Planking goes on 20′ Gaff Cutter.


Here I’m fitting the stringers that support the longitudinal joints/laps in the planking. They also determine the planking run and give something to clamp too when the epoxy is setting. Again I dry fitted them all and removed the outside ones so they wouldn’t be in the way while planking the bottom.


The forward section of the bottom panel has considerable twist and hollow which is very difficult to get a piece of ply to conform to. To make the job easier and stronger; it won’t be necessary to cut lines half way through the ply sheet to make it bendy, I orientated the ply 90º and now the grain of more veneers are running in the right direction to take the bend.


Once the bow section was on the rest of the bottom planking was fairly straightforward, each length of plywood was scarfed to the next with epoxy resin. The photo below shows the bottom planking complete.

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