Rankin Dinghy in for Repair.

Rankin Dinghy repair restoration

At the end of September this rather tired Rankin Dinghy came to the workshop. It had spent the previous two years or more outside under an ill fitting tarpaulin full of water. As you can guess this wasn’t good for the boat and the bottom panels were badly de-laminated. I was able to peel the top layer off, in the photo above, very easily.

Bottom planks removed from Rankin Dinghy

The first job was to get the old varnish off and cut out all the bad plywood. This meant removing most of the bottom. It came out easy enough, I just hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult to put the new stuff back in.

New plywood fitted

Here’s the new planking in the process of being stained to match the existing plywood. Luckily just one bit of planking on the port side needed replacement.

Stripping the inside of a Rankin Dinghy

Then it was stripping the inside of all the old peeling varnish. Most of it came away easily but of course there were a few awkward places were it stuck on like limpets.

Interior varnished

I hope you’ll agree it was worth the effort. She’s now ready to bring many happy hours of fun and memories to another generation.


Here she is ready to go. If you’d like to have your own boat restored, repaired or perhaps a new boat built don’t hesitate to contact me, Tiernan Roe, +353 86 1586937 or you can email or use the contact page.

Roeboats, Ballydehob, Co. Cork, t:+353 (0)28 38973 m: +353 (0)86 158 69 37 e:tiernan@roeboats.com



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