Planking almost done.


After many months of intermittent work the planking on Lady Min is nearly complete. I’m going to leave the shutter planks until I have a few items built into the interior, such as, the chainplate backers. I’m also  going to fit a keelson on top of the floors to help stop the boat hogging and better distribute the stresses of the mast and rudder along the the keel. There was one in her originally but it had been cut out over the ballast keel, I think to improve headroom in the cabin and facilitate the replacement of some of the floors.  This severely reduced it’s effectiveness and the new one will be a real boon to strengthen the boat.


I’ve been able to reuse a good portion of the original planking although there were a few very wide planks in the in the bottom sections that had split badly, I’ve replaced these with two narrower planks that shouldn’t be as susceptible to splitting. The Norwegian Fir has proven a very fine substitute for the original Red Pine and both woods are very similar apart from their colour, obviously.



Next up is the final pieces of the hull construction like the breast hook, keelson, quarter knees etc. and then on to the deck construction.

If you would like to discuss having your own boat restored, repaired or a new one built, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Tiernan, by phone +353 86 158 6937 or by email / contact page.

Roeboats, Ballydehob, Co. Cork, t:+353 (0)28 38973 m: +353 (0)86 158 69 37



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