Lady Min deck construction

Here’s some photos of the deck construction of Lady Min. The beams were dovetailed to the sheer clamp and the side decks were also dovetailed to the carlin.

The dovetails were cut before shaping the beams to their final curve of the deck. This allowed me to use a trammel to describe the required curve of each beam. To make the deck fair each curve is slightly different and using the trammel ensures the amount of work needed to fair the deck is reduced. The trammel is two long planks fixed at a predetermined angle which rests on the sheer as a pencil is held at the intersection of the planks. As this is drawn across the boat the pencil describes a portion of an ellipse which creates the deck crown.

Above the carlin is being fastened in place. The beams are spruce with oak beams in way of the mast and aft end of the cockpit.

Once th edeck beams and hanging knees were made and fitted, the plywood for the deck sheathing was coated with three coats of epoxy, primed and painted, where needed, before being fastened down to the deck beams.

The plywood was scarfed together to ensure that the deck would act as a monocoque structure and stiffen the entire boat. You can see the scrafed edge of the ply in the photo above. The penny washers and screws were replaced with stainless screws once the epoxy joins had set.

If you would like to have your own boat restored, repaired or built don’t hesitate to contact me, Tiernan Roe, you can call me at +353 86 1586937 or by email or use  the contact page.

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