16′ Faering

These four boats were built for two different Viking era type TV productions. The first ones were built (2012) for Game of Thrones and feature large ceremonial stem and stern ornaments. They were built as funeral boats for a major scene. The other more “conventional” ones were built for Vikings (2013) and were to be used as general boat transport for various characters.

Based roughly on the traditional Faerings or four oared boats of the Hardanger region in Norway and heavily influenced by the small boat found at Gokstad these boats are surprising for more than their looks. They are burdensome and light, track well when rowing and are incredibly easy to row. Roeboats also made some beautiful light and strong spruce oars to a traditional Norwegian pattern for these boats. If you were looking for a light, elegant and seaworthy boat that would be at home on rivers, lakes and the sea you won’t go wrong in choosing one of these. Roeboats can custom build these in a variety of lengths up to about 20′. If you prefer they can have either the swept up planking or not.

16′-20′ Length overall
4’6″ Beam
6″ Draught
9′ Oars (two pairs as standard)

A sailing version is also available. Give Tiernan a ring +353 28 38973 to discuss having your Viking longboat built so you too can go raiding and pillaging.

P.S. The photo of me lying down in the boat was as a stability test. Really I wasn’t catching forty winks after 3 weeks toiling away in the workshop night and day.

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