7′ Punt or Tender

This useful little tender/punt was built for the catbird 16 that I built in 2010 and fits in the cockpit of this boat when travelling or for storage.
These little flat bottom pram bowed punts are great little work horses. I built a similar one to use for work and I’ve really pushed it to its limits and it has kept me out of the water. The handy size means you can put it up on your shoulder and carry it to the water. I’ve carried mine through a forest to work on rebuilding a rotten dock. She’s quite stable enough for me to stand up in and work, humping 12′ 3″ by 3″ hardwood baulks around. Like I said I pushed it to it’s limit and didn’t get wet.

7′ 6″overall length
4′ 3″ Beam
6″ Draft
6′ Oars

Also these boats row way way better than any of those rubber ducky type boats. Man they’re like trying to row a football with some desert spoons. You can also have you tender painted to match your boat and I can build it work boat style or like the one illustrated yacht style.

Give Tiernan a call +353 28 38973 and you’ll be tendering about in style.

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