Dog bowls and storm rations

Normally when I’m sailing on bigger boats I find the best thing to eat out of is a dog bowl. I got this tip from reading Pete Goss’ book Close to the Wind.

Dog Bowl by Keenan Pepper via Flickr

Dog Bowl by Keenan Pepper via Flickr

On my own boat I don’t have to go to these extremes as the motion is not as severe, this can be explained by physics so I’m not going to here. Anyway I usually get some very funny looks from my crew mates when I arrive with my dog bowl so when I saw this bowl on Grass Roots Modern a design blog I follow for my other business. I thought the inner child in me could find a good use for it. In fact it could probably adapted for all kinds of uses on a boat.

Loopa bowl

Loopa bowl

It is a weighted bowl set in gimbals that are all held in a handy ring. Designed for kids; but sloppy adults like me could probably use one. Oh yeah and when it comes to storm rations you can’t beat yogurt and muesli, it’s very healthy and extremely thick and sticky. So stiff and sticky in fact you can turn the bowl upside down and the spoon and contents stay in the bowl. It reminds me of wet concrete but it is a lot tastier.

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