Ningret 22′ Eco friendly motor boat.

You can see Roeboats finished Ninigret here

Roeboats have just been commissioned to build a Ninigret 22′ motor boat designed by John Atkin. I am really looking forward to building this great looking boat. John Atkin really knew his stuff; I’ve been going through the plans and and there is nothing on this boat that that is superfluous; yet it still boasts a large cockpit, two berths and a sea toilet (head). Primarily what attracted me and my client to this boat were its good looks; but it has many other great features. One of these was the fact that the motor is housed in a covered well thus reducing noise and protecting the cockpit from following seas.

Profile drawing from

Profile drawing from

Ninigret rides flat and with her fine entry should have no trouble slicing through choppy waves ensuring a dry and comfortable ride. The 25 to 45 horse power outboard under the hatch at the aft end of the large cockpit drives the boat to speeds from 15 to 25 knots which is plenty fast for heading to your favorite fishing spot or beach. The fact that this boat not only has a large cockpit but two berths and a head is really amazing and a credit to the designers ingenuity and creativity. Being a designer myself I can appreciate the hours and hours of thought and sketching that must have been done to produce such a classic. I’ll be documenting the construction of Ninigret here in the future. Here’s a photo of John Atkin in his own Ninigret built in the 80′

Contact Tiernan Roe on +353 (0)28 38973 to discuss your own Ninigret. We are now delivering worldwide also. So don’t delay order now to guarantee delivery for summer 2015

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