Deck on, Cabin trunk in and Roof under construction

As you can see I’ve been busy for the last two weeks and have made quite a bit of progress. 70 hour weeks don’t leave much time for blogging. I put a couple of long days in last week and was able to complete most of the deck and the cabin trunk. It took a bit of figuring out how to support the roof but I’m hoping my solution will be strong enough. I’m going to use a T shaped deck beam and lodging knees ( that will double as hand holds) to stiffen the middle deck beam.

Deck on

I’m feeling so enthusiastic I’ve started designing the seating and all the other important details that go in to finishing a boat. The colours are almost nailed down and I’m awaiting the arrival of the engine before I finish the engine well and construct the helm station. Here’s a view of Ninigrets large cockpit. The cabin doors are made and hopefully all going well I should have the cabin completed by the end of the week, hopefully, as long as I don’t screw it up in my excitement.


Roeboats, Ballydehob, Co. Cork, t:+353 (0)28 38973 m: +353 (0)86 158 69 37


One thought on “Deck on, Cabin trunk in and Roof under construction

  1. Nice work. I’m a big fan of the Ninigret design — have been dreaming about building one for more than a decade. I’m happy to see yours come along. Thanks for sharing the photos and progress.

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