Interior fit out on cabin Sharpie.

Here the start of the interior fit out as you can see the boat will be fitted with chemical toilet for overnight cruising. You can also see that top of the offset centreboard case and the locker tops that form  some counter space.


The cockpit at this stage is pretty well finished being assembled and will have watertight lockers port and starboard which will provide plenty of space for bulky like fenders and warps etc. The last panel on the starboard side has been left off until the mizzen mast step is fitted and the hole for the mast is cut.

IMG_1838You can see in the photo below that the interior is painted and you can make out the base for the seats/berth. It’s pretty snug but will be nice and cosy for one person. Once again there’s lots of storage under the bunk and there are two large bins for dry bags and other gear. It may seem a very simple layout but it has taken many different versions to get to the final solution. There’s not a lot of space in a 16′ boat for a fully featured cabin.


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