Chine, Stem and plank scarphing

Here are the nexts steps in building the Karl Stambaugh’s Catbird 16 Lugsail sharpie yawl. First up is attaching the chine  which had to be laminated up to take the  tuck up at the stern but it went in fairly easily just took twice the glueing time.

The gunwales were next to go on and it ‘s always a bit nerve wracking putting the gunwale on a boat that is upside down as it is very difficult to be sure that the sheer will have a pleasing sweep and not have what’s called powderhorn. The dread of every boatbuilder. Once botht the chine and gunwale were on it was time to cut the bevel in the stem which was aa straighforward affair as the Catbird has a two part stem for ease of construction.

Below you can see me finishing off the scarphing of the bottom planking. In the foreground is the centreboard being laminated up. That’s all for now work got a little side tracked today as I was showing a potential client the Ninigret I built last year. I had forgotten how much fun she is in the water.

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