Planking of 16 foot Lugsail Yawl Sharpie

Well progress continues with the building of the 16 foot Catbird lugsail Yawl. As you can see I started with the side planking which I had already cut out to shape. This was provided with the plans so I didn’t have to do any spiling. I decided to butt strap the side planking and scarf the bottom. Scarphing the bottom ensured that there was no obstruction for water to gather behind in the bilge.Planking wooden 16 foot lugsail yawl sharpie Catbird 16 by Roeboats, cork Ireland, for sale

All of the planking was coated in three coats of epoxy resin and sanded before assembly. It was easier to do it now than when assembled. I would have liked to have six foot long arms when I was putting the bottom sheets on or at least a helper. It was a little tricky lifting the forward sheet clear of the glue spread on the frames and chines and placing it square to the centreline. The aft sheet was easier. You can now get a good impression of the boats size. She’s a pretty voluminous boat for here modest length and beam.Bottom planking of wooden 16 foot lugsail yawl sharpie by Roeboats Cork Ireland , For Sale

Anyway here she is planked up. I didn’t cut the bottom planks before glueing them down. I’ll trim back to the side planking when the epoxy has dried. Next step is the filling of all the screw hole etc. prior to attaching the keel and glassing the hull. If you’d like to get more info from Roeboats about upcoming projects and news why not subscribe to Roeboats Quarterly Newsletter by clicking here. Or if you would like your own custom boat built why not give me ring or send me an e-mail at the contact below. I’m always interested in talking about boats.

Roeboats, Ballydehob, Co. Cork, t:+353 (0)28 38973 m: +353 (0)86 158 69 37


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